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The Ft. Thomas Swim Club was founded in 1960. The founding Board of Directors were:

President - Charles Bonniville
Vice President - Joseph F. Fisher
Treasurer - Robert A. Ryan
Secretary - Harold M. Allen

Board of Directors
Wm C. Bridges
James C. Bright
Mrs. Theo. Bush
Roy W. Foureman
Wm. H. Hays
Allan E. Hokenson
Evan L. Jones
Stan Jorgenson
J.S. McLane
Mrs. Robert Rice
Wm. H. Schuler
Ed. J. Walters
Robert M. Rankin

The facilities were purchased for approximately $125,000 which included the following:

  • Acquisition of land and right of way
  • Grading, landscaping, paving and lighting
  • Construction of an adequate sized pool designed to meet health and safety regulations and the baby pool.
  • Construction of a bath house, with toilet facilities, lockers, showers and a snack bar.
  • Complete filtration system.
  • Provision for adequate off-street parking.

The money for the construction of the pool was raised by requiring each member to purchase five $50 interest bearing (1/2%) debenture bonds, totaling $250.

Annual dues was estimated at $36.00 per family unit per year.

The original pool was a 35 yard straight line pool and approximately 42 feet wide with a diving well at the 10 foot deep end. As safety rules changed so did the need for a new pool. The high dive had to be closed because the deep end was only 10 feet deep and a bulkhead had to be purchased to use during swim meets. In 1991 the pool was renovated to what it is today which complies with Federal and State Safety Regulations. The new pool was built by Swim Pool Specialists and the buildings were constructed by Doepker Construction for approximately $750,000. (Click here to see pictures of old pool and construction of new pool).

The pool has been enjoyed by families for the past four decades and we hope to keep providing a wonderful facility for generations in the future.

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